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Author's Works

Miss Lila's Place

A serial killer has brought Victoria Hardy home  to her small hometown of Farmville, Virginia.

Having her deceased mother’s house broken into by such evil has motivated her that it’s time to sell. She learns the area has been riddled with heinous crimes, conflicts, and dark secrets—including a brothel. A letter from her mother reveals a secret so personal Victoria Hardy is forced to dive into what her old friend James calls “a hornet’s nest.” In spite of the dangers, she refuses to leave until she unravels it.

Human Bridges

Weaving together stories of the valiant Weya women of Africa with contemporary poetry and a metaphysical hip-hop drama, Human Bridges, explores healing and reconciliation in womankind from three different perspectives. The book promotes self-empowerment and unity by showing the universality of human struggles. Monologues explore the lives of women as they were taught to use art to liberate themselves. Herein, the central characters, Wise Woman and Destiny first appear and follow throughout.. Free verse poems explore life journeys and connections to others and a play touching on universal issues such as fear, relationships, weight, and money. 

These different writing styles come together to form the genre Synerlit: literature that ties together different genres to tell a story with each part remaining self-contained. In this case it relates the individual quests for identity, love and understanding.

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