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Katherine De Lorraine was born in southside Virginia and now resides in Roanoke, Virginia. She holds a M.A. in English from Longwood University and an M.F.A. from Goddard College. Prior to retiring, she taught English and creative writing in private and public secondary schools and was a lecturer at Roanoke College. She is the author of a prize- winning chapbook Someone You Should Know as well as a multi-genre book Human Bridges. She has poems published in numerous journals and has won prizes from the poetry societies of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Miss Lila’s Place is her debut novel.
Kat, as she is known by her friends, continues her ongoing passion for teaching, by tutoring international students and legal refugees, who aspire to higher education. Other than writing, her favorite pastime is dancing of any kind. She is an avid lover of all animals, but dogs and cats  hold a special place in her heart.

"Here is a poet that believes in a unity of spirit that binds women (and men) in a transcendent community. She has the technical skills and the energy to transport readers into her sphere of belief. Entertaining serious, witty, and sometimes wry, Human Bridges is hard-won testimony –and much more than that.” 

Fred Chappell, poet and novelist, author of the poetry collection,Backass (2004), and the novel, Dagon (2002) and numerous other works.
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