September 30, 2023

Silencing Eve

Eve’s Story by Katherine DeLorraine

Based on the painting “Silencing Eve” by Judith Peck

Adam gone as usual, I wandered lonely

until weary I rested beneath the apple tree

thinking of an emptiness inside me—

not hunger, but a thing  I could not name.

I drifted in and out of semi- slumber until

a strange creature appeared–

scaly black parting the grass

as it slid close to my head.

Its deep, raspy voice whispered

that the key to knowledge hung above

red, within my reach.

All around me darkened,

and the creature vanished.

When Adam returned, I told him all.

He said he’d known life held more

and  bid me try before him.

One bitter-sweet bite, and I passed out.

When  I awoke, fearful and aware,

Adam towered  over me.