September 30, 2023

My Story

I am a writer, teacher, lecturer, and coach of empowerment for women. Growing up in the rural South shaped my life’s path and way of seeing and experiencing oppression particularly among minorities. Eventually, I discovered the inner wisdom of “Wise Woman,” the archetypcal wisdom and power center that guides and champions a victim mentality.  I write about the shared experiences we humans have conquering oppression of the burning flame of will, moral right, and compassion.

Through writing about others lives and my own, I discovered an important bridge between women in the South and African women.  I am sharing my realization about the universality of women’s needs. While feminine issues are my focus, I  also explore problems faced by both men and women as part of the human condition. My Southern voice and my understanding of Southern culture bridge illusionary separation of women and men everywhere.  I strive to make my writing alive, touchable, experiential– engaging the reader to participate and discover.

As a Southern bridge builder, I hope to make connections and build empathy, understanding, and compassion for feminine struggles and help anyone use their voice of power to overcome obstacles.

I have a M. A.  in English and an M.F.A. in creative writing. For thirty years I taught in the following secondary schools as well as in colleges and universities: Roanoke College, Virginia Tech, Longwood University, Virginia Western Community College, The Fuqua School, and Roanoke City Schools.