May 28, 2023



Human Bridges- (c) 2009 Katherine DeLorraine

My name means mountain,

and everyone says that I am made of rock inside

because I never show how I feel.

No one has ever seen me cry.

Long ago I swore to be like a man.

I have a plan to change how women are treated like dogs.

No, worse; dogs are free. You see,

I have a daughter,who may be able to escape from here.

She will show the way and more will follow.

I have heard from women in Harare of places far away

where a woman is equal to a man.

She can even own land without being married.

My girl is very smart and strong.

I teach her to be brave and to dream

while I weave and hid money in a hole.

As soon as she is of age, I will send her over the mountains

with money to last until she finds her way.

My plan keeps my fingers moving faster than anyone else’s.

I breathe no word to anyone but weave my story into a tapestry

that I will send with her that only she will understand.

After she is gone, I will weave more secrets.

There will be twin women: one weeping, the other laughing.

I’ll hide my child in every scene.

She is the small bird flying high.