September 30, 2023

Judith Peck Paintings

I’ve painted my models to have an ethereal glow, distinct from a background that might otherwise envelop them. Captured in their gaze is the knowledge that the person has experienced life fully and moved beyond life’s challenges. My hope is that their penetrating gaze will move the viewer out of complacency. The warmly resonant faces offer a gateway to the human interior, evoking psychological and social urgency. The detail in the paintings is important in making them feel solid and real. These works become guides to explore the challenges that speak to the core of one’s own existence.

The paintings are intimate, and viewed up close, create the sense of looking into a mirror to meet eyes that ask inescapable questions. Balancing light and darkness, the images prompt existential questions, triggering deep feelings about life’s ambiguities. Beauty and pain, life and death come into balance, and the viewer becomes the philosopher, drawn into introspection on the meaning and preciousness of life. Art becomes poetry, and poetry stirs into philosophy, leaving the viewer subtly changed. – Judith Peck