May 28, 2023


Women are often undervalued, denigrated, and used as sex symbols —a false image that causes many to devalue themselves. As related through my own experiences and in the prejudices I have witnessed, women are still seen as subservient. Even so, a powerful essence burns through the weight of oppression and this flame smolders, sparks, and ignites as a recognizable element inherent in women. We can see the determination in each other’s eyes and recognize the unconquerable in other women across cultures, classes, countries, religious and ethnic divisions.

While I focus primarily on women because of my personal experiences, I am an “equalist,” not a feminist. I realize that both males and females can be victims, and I despise abuse of anyone. I hope my work helps men, too, with a victim mentality. My passion is promoting equal rights through recognizing the oneness of everybody.  In the course of helping others, we find our life’s purpose—to uncover and expand love within ourselves.

I encourage you to examine and challenge your thoughts and look at all people as individual, equal creations. The conditioning of your mind is poison. I’ve experienced it; I know it– small town, small mind living. I’ve seen it in my life in the rural South as well as other parts of the world.  I’ve recognized it in African women in their country. I’ve witnessed it in urban, middle American cities. Discrimination will live and thrive anywhere on the earth—as long as it remains unchallenged.

If you live in the past, you die in the past. What you learn opens your mind and heart is light or life. The only power you have is the power of wisdom which comes from love. To accept and acknowledge everyone equally gives meaning to life.