May 28, 2023

Feminine Power Mastery Course

On July 6, 2011, I joined 200 women from various parts of the world in Mahattan Beach, California, to celebrate the completion of  Feminine Power Mastery, the Total Life Transformation Program. This nine-month course led by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Dr. Claire Zamit.  We spent six days in intensive seminars examining, summarizing, and planning next steps in our journeys in an atmosphere of powerful and loving energy.

The purpose of the course is best decribes in the words of the leaders: It is our intention to support and empower you to create unprecedented breakthroughs in your life, to shift and transform once and for all the old patterns,beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve you in order to deepen yourrelationships, thrive in your work, experience unprecedented love, joy, cocreativity to show up in your community as a leader – in short, to become thewoman you were born to be!
As promised, lives were transformed. After having interacted with these sisters several times a week via internet sessions and telephone sessions, I was amazed and inspired to see them in person and hear stories of how their lives had been altered by the course work. One woman, who had been homeless for a year, was elated by the positive changes in her life. A mother of three came from Canada in a wheelchair and shared how she has been able to find her pupose. In fact, most of the women had not only changed their self-images but also their careers. 
Having experienced and witnessed such progress, I am preparing to offer a month-long workshop called Transformation to share with local women the knowledge I have gained.
It is designed to be a woman’s self-discovery and empowerment experience. More information will follow soon.