September 30, 2023

Feminine Empowerment

Caryatids, or sculpted images of women serving as architectural columns or pillars, are named for the goddess Artemis Karyatis

Caryatids: Supportive Women

It seems to me that in this stage of my life the universe pushed me into this quest, the empowering of women,  which has become my mission. My guides declared I had spent enough years as an English educator and now I am to specifically teach women, myself included, how to make their lives better. I am sure  Wise Woman is at the center of this transformation.

This lead me the online classes designed by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, two feminine power experts and their team. The following excerpt from them expresses my feeling.

We’re being nudged by a deep internal signal that something BIG needs to shift inside ourselves, in our relationships and in our lives in general— to enable us to become the women we were born to be, have the kind of love and partnership we were made to experience and give our gifts to the world in ways that they will have the biggest impact (not to mention generate the prosperity we need to support ourselves in the process!). Feminine Power Mastery

During months of intensive, experiential work, I am metamorphasizing in spite of my own frequent protests. I am actually witnessing my empowerment. Along with women all over the globe, I am learning  what holds us back and how to change it. We need attention tailored to our specific female needs instead of one-size-fits-all information. Generally speaking, women have been trained to function in a masculine minded world. I know that I was held back by this. Now I am amazed and thankful to be a part of a peaceful revolution for feminine evolution.

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photo: Caryatid-Supportive Women, Women’s