May 28, 2023

Current Books

Katherine and friends at Barnes & Noble book signing

Katherine has published a number of articles, poems and books.

    • Someone You Should Know (Armstrong State College Press, Savannah, GA, 1981) -no longer in print
    • Human Bridges (Plain View Press, Austin, TX , 2009)
    • Strong Coffee – Forthcoming


Someone You Should Know
was a prize-winning chapbook, which launched my career. It contained poems about my experiences growing up in a small, rural Virgina town.

Many of the poems in Human Bridges have been published in national and international journals. As I continued to write and teach creative writing, I discovered the importance of experimenting out of one’s comfort zone. This led me to write a play, the third section of this book. During this process, a character named  Wise Woman (who first appeared in my teenage years) injected herself into the book as a major character. Because of her, I created  a new genre, synerlit.

My current project and debut into fiction writing, Strong Coffee, is based in my hometown of Farmville, VA. The story follows protagonist Dana McWray as she researches the murders of women and the disunity between members of this small college town. As I move into the final stages of editing, I will be periodically posting excerpts from the book under the “Current Books” tab above.