September 30, 2023

Mr. Mudzingwa’s Death

Mr. Mudzingwa’s Death Human Bridges (c) 2009 Katherine DeLorraine Even before the drumming woke me at midnight, I knew that my father-in-law would be dying. I saw it in a dream two days ago but kept it to myself. I went to the fields to gather musosawafa leaves for everyone to wash their hands and […]


Manena Human Bridges- (c) 2009 Katherine DeLorraine My name means mountain, and everyone says that I am made of rock inside because I never show how I feel. No one has ever seen me cry. Long ago I swore to be like a man. I have a plan to change how women are treated like […]

Silencing Eve

Eve’s Story by Katherine DeLorraine Based on the painting “Silencing Eve” by Judith Peck Adam gone as usual, I wandered lonely until weary I rested beneath the apple tree thinking of an emptiness inside me— not hunger, but a thing  I could not name. I drifted in and out of semi- slumber until a strange creature […]

Weya women

The Weya quilt is a product of a group of women living in rural Zimbabwe who were taught by the European artist Ilse Noy. Ms. Noy came to Zimbabwe in 1984 as a member of the German Volunteer Service. After working for three years at the Cold Comfort Weaving Co-operative on the outskirts of Harare, […]

Judith Peck Paintings

I’ve painted my models to have an ethereal glow, distinct from a background that might otherwise envelop them. Captured in their gaze is the knowledge that the person has experienced life fully and moved beyond life’s challenges. My hope is that their penetrating gaze will move the viewer out of complacency. The warmly resonant faces […]